All I Want
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

Capo 2nd Fret
C 332010
Am x02210
F x33211
G 320033
A x02220
Bb x13331
Dm xx0231


Intro - C   Am   G    F  x2

C                      Am
A cautious smile under the western sky
G                                    F
Would curl upwards  like the wild sea
C                                   Am
A special friend knowing all the ways of love
G                                   F                                 A G         Bb  A   G
Would talk his way back inside a tiny second

Don't promise good intention
One in a thousand (maybe even me)
Don't know there are clouds in the sky
Sooner or later eveyone'll say the same thing
Baby , you already know

Dm                         G
That all I want is to be with you
Dm                         G                   A  G         Bb  A   G
That all I want is to be with you

Call me over sooner
Call me right now
I'm standing underneath the blackest rolling sky
I don't know my way forward
I'm dizzy with the wind
Turning like a compass never true only spinning

All I want is to be with you
All I want is to be with you

Break - Dm    G   x4

In the sad and lonely pines
G  (F & G continue simile)
Where no midday sun ever shines
As the clouds all  float into thin air
Underneath the blackest sky somewhere
I hear the soul of man never dies
I hear that special will survive
Keeping time over the rolling roads
Staying with me as my thoughts all go
Chasing away in the green fields
Where every breath gives up and yields

To all I want
All I want

Outro - A   G          Bb   A    G