Always Alone
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

Capo 9th fret
F#sus 0002XX
F#5th 0022XX
C#7sus4 0202XX
B 2002XX
Bsus 3002XX


Verse Riff         xx = right hand mute (deaden strings)

Chorus Riff

Verse riff
Always another time
Getting lost in a different dream
Star crossed and never scared to name it
He once was a roving man
Now he wears his wedding band
Never times to waste not being together

Chorus Riff
Maybe there's a million years
A thousand leagues of fallen tears still falling
                             Verse Riff
We're always alone

She'll be your roving girl
Travel out and in your world
She'll bring you gifts you never thought to mention
Kind words and kisses sweet
High walls and windows deep
To keep safe but show there's nothing worth your missing

Maybe there's a veil of tears
Atapestry of leaden cares we'll share in
We're always alone

Maybe there's a veil of tears
Tapestry of leaden cares we'll share in
We're always alone
So good alone