Ash Wednesday
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

Chords Used - Capo at 3rd Fret
Eb Fifth 030013
Eb Major 032013
F Major 054035
Ab Major 087068
Bb Major 0 10 9 0 8 10
C Major Add 9 540055
Bb Major* 320033
C minor 002210

Intro Eb5th + Eb

Eb                                              Cm
Where would I be,Would I be standing right here
Eb                                                                                Cm
We've had such a cruel death would we be as good as to remember a life
Eb                                                                               Cm
Would you never live the way that you did would your birth be enough
Cadd9                                Bb*    Cadd9                                 Bb*
Was it just someones hard labour,A few days struggle then oblivion

And what about Peter that rock of a saint he'd never taken the hook
And kept on fishing and missing the catch but hitting the sea
And Margaret praying for the army and the souls like you and me

Cadd9                                     Bb*    Cadd9                          Bb*        Eb
Lost somewhere out there in erternity,Wondering what it all means
Ab                     Eb   Ab                Eb
Would it be the same,Just imagining
F                                         Eb 
Not just holy water but an ocean
F                               Bb   Ab   Eb 
Not just touching but diving right in

Instrumental  Eb5th + Eb

Is this a curse it just makes things worse for the living
Struggling and burned and one calender month before giving

Cadd9                                       Bb*    Cadd9                                          Bb*     Eb
Giving up the ghost of Christmas past,Valentines post and easter mondays past

Ab                            Eb  Ab                             Eb
Could this dying be done,Would love be so concerned
F                                      Eb
Not just in starting but in ending
F                             Bb  Ab  Eb      Bb  Ab  Eb
Not just in falling but decending,      Decending

Outro - Eb5th + Eb