A Strange And Foreign Land
Words And Music By Ricky Ross


D XX0232
G 320033
Asus7 X02230




 Capo 2nd Fret

They came in the summer
Talking of new lives
Packed us in trucks
Took us all away
We drove onwards
And we sailed northwards
Until we reached a town on a bay
Now we go out late
To catch the low tide
Then we wade out far, as far as we can
Catching cockles, on the sand flats
           Asus7                    D
Of this strange and foreign land

Sometimes it's quiet
At the seafront
But I need to find some work
Or we don't eat
Cause there's no job too small for me now
When there's so many back home I need to keep
They said you've got such a big family
I said I do sir and I trust I will to the end
But it gets cold here by Christmas
In a strange and foreign land

This waters cold
Colder than our journey
On the long road
We took to bring us here
Fujian, Moscow, Berlin and Dover
To a bed in a house in Lancashire
It's getting dark and I need to find the shore line
My voice is weak and I can't shout the man
I can't swim and I can't get any help here
In this strange and foreign land

When I look back
What do I remember
Not the wind or the waters cover me
Not the cries of my poor brothers
As they surrendered to the sea
I still recall my struggle
To reach the safety of the sand
How could I ever
feel so grateful
To this strange and foreign land
How could I ever
Feel so grateful
To this strange and foreign land