Bethlehems Gate
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

Cadd9 = 032033
Dm7 = 000211  Or  X57565
Am7 = 002010  Or 575555
F = 133211
C = 032010   Or  8,10,10,9,8,8
G = 320033  Or  355433


Cadd9                   Dm7                Cadd9                          Dm7                       
There was a night as purple as this with a love so close we longed to be missed
 Am7                               Dm7                  Am7                                   F
Summer eighty-nine and everything stood sure and free and there to be finished
Cadd9                        Dm7                                  C
I long to be there ,As bright as the sky ,At Bethlehem's gate

Cadd9                   Dm7                Cadd9                          Dm7       
September again you come so quick so sudden your strength so strong your kiss
 Am7                               Dm7
The world groans and strains for the hope of a time
 Am7                                                       F
Like a prayer that is wished and willed to exist  
  Cadd9                              Dm7                                     C
Like knocking so hard ,And trying to get through ,To Bethlehem,s gate

BRIDGE  G        C        G        C

   Cadd9                   Dm7                Cadd9                          Dm7       
I'm chiding the heart that the body will live to question the power and the gift of birth
    Am7                                      Dm7              Am7                                        F
To stand and grow and die on the wasteland that scorns the high temples we build
  Cadd9                        Dm7                                 C
And stand in the way, And darken the sky ,At Bethlehem,s gate

OUTRO   Cadd9    Dm7   Repeat Til Fade