Chocolate Girl
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

Eb XX5343
F X33211
Bb(1) X88766
Am7 X02010
C(1) X32010
Dm X57765
Bb(2) X13331
C(2) X35553
A X02220

 Intro Riff      


Intro -  Riff  B    F    Riff


F                                     Bb(1)  F                                   Bb(1)
Alan doesn't understand her,          He only thinks in numbers
F                        Am7                       C(1)                Dm     Eb    Bb(2)
He only drinks in restaurants, Where the girls are fully covered
F                                         Bb(1)     F                                      Bb(1)             
And he can't trust his yearnings,           And he doesn't like pretending
F                             Am7                      C(1)                        Dm    
His tempers stretched so much by work, His heart needs gentle rending

     Bb(2)                     C(2)              Bb(2)                     C(2)
He calls her the Chocolate Girl,
                Am7                               Bb(2)        C(2)    Dm
`Cause he thinks she melts when he touches her
Bb(2)                        C(2)                   Bb(2)                     C(2)
She knows she's the Chocolate Girl,
                   Am7                     Bb(2)               A                      Dm     Intro Riff
Cause she's broken up and swallowed  and wrapped in bits of silver

Alan doesn't understand this
He says he's only human
So he still lights up with old flames
As if to try and prove it

And he doesn't like emotion
He's not certain of their ardour
If pouting causes so much fun
Then breaking hearts is harder


Alan doesn't understand her
He thinks it's getting harder
So he spends the night with old friends
Underneath the covers


End with Intro Riff