Circus Lights
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

A 577655
E X79997
Esus X 7 9 9 10 7
F#m7 X 9 11 9 10 9
D X57775

Riff 1
b---2---long slide- -7-----7--8--7--8----5----5--
g---2---long slide---7-----7--7--7--7----6----6--    This riff is played during the
d---2---long slide---7-----7--7--7--7----7----7--   intro and verse

Intro Riff 1

Riff 1
You're tired and you say you're angry
Riff 1
You're thankful for this blessed rain
       E (arpeggio)                 D (arpeggio)
And you'd think you'd know but your old friends
A (arpeggio)
have to tell you again.

You're books taught you all you know
Your tastes and patterns you TV shows
But you can never follow where they won't let you go
       Esus  (arpeggio)     E (arpeggio)
Sometimes its so hard to know


                     A                F#m7
You want to display your charms
D                              E
On this bright night
                    A                F#m7
You want to display your charms
D                            E
On this bright night


D                                           E                            D              A
Over these circus Christmas lights

Your cares your misanthropy
Your distant gaze is missing me
And your jewellery that's what blinded me
From the reality

Chorus Repeat

Bridge Bm   A     Bm    A     D    A    D      A

Chorus Repeat

D                  A
Over the sea, over the land and the city