Death Work Song
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

Em 022000
Am X02210
F X33210
G 320003
D XX0232
E7 020100
Gsus X30033
G/B X20033

Am                Em                Am          Am                   Em                    Am
Let's sing a song for all the workmen ,Working on the carpark down by here
Am                             Em                         Am
Wrecking through the tombstones and the granite
F                                             G
Cutting through the bone here ,Sweeping all the dust here
D                                          E7                                        
Crunching all the dirt down ,Lifting it up and putting it down

                                                           (Bass run)
Intrumental Chorus - Am             D   Gsus  G/B  x 4

For once the sun beats down so warmly ,As the earthmovers come on so strong
Move some hard old century closer
Move it from the earth ,Put it on the truck
Drive the truck away ,Lift it all up and put it all down

And now the site stands still and silent ,As the men come circling around
To see the bag left in the ground here
Must have been a time ago ,Can't have been that old
Must have been so lonely ,So lift up and set it down

I can see my father in his place now ,It's many years away from here
Lying back in sleep that's short and deep
I think he's a good man ,I feel his good hands
They seemed so soft then ,When they were setting us up and putting us down