Driving George
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

Intro - C

C                              G
My friend George as far as I could see
                   F                                                    C
Was far and away a good deal more mature than me
He lived far from home at the University
              F                                     C
Smoked cigarettes and laughed so carelessly

He got a car a Morris one thousand
With indicators like wings, we'd all go in,
We'd go over to Fife for fish and chips in a cafe and talk all night
George would like doing that

C                              Am
This was the reason I started the telling
    Dm                          F                           G
I just got distracted by all of the memories
C                                        Am
Sometimes I remember just feeling so empty
Dm                               F                   C
Now I just smile about driving out in George's car

George went abroad and fell in love with a girl she was from France
From a family near ??????
They made him tea they put in milk and ?????
He didn't like that, George was single soon

George liked the Eagles............. etc...

G                                    F                    C                             
When we were driving in George's car
When we were driving in George's car

Outro - C