Gentle Teardrops
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

C 032010
F 133211
G 320033
C/B x20010
Am x02210

Intro - C     F     C     F     C     F    C    F

C                                           F                              C
There was ice and broken pavements on the hill tower
F                             G                     C
And the light was falling from the infirmary
F                            G                C   C/B   Am
And the last of the dogs was barking
F                             G                   C
At the steps from gentle teardrops and me

Instrumental Chorus - C   F   C   F  ( Same chords for each chorus)

( Chords As Verse 1 )

And I asked about her sister and her mother
And her uncle Tom serving on the sea
And her grandpa's gammy leg that kept him in his bed
And kept out gentle teardrops and me

And its a long way to keep up conversation
When your broken up over fish 'n' chips and peas
And the grease is on your arm
Like a girl you've never worn
Walking home gentle teardrops and me

It's a cold cold night, It's a cold cold night

And I wont forget September is your birthday
And  the prisons been paid up for fifteen weeks
And I'll send it through to ease
You can take it as you please
With love the gentle teardrops from me
With love the gentle teardrops

Yes we're rolling home...Ahh we're rolling home
With gentle teardrops...Ahh we're rolling home
With gentle teardrops