Hippy Girl
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

G 320033
D XX0232
Em7 022030
C X32010
A X02220
Em 022000
F#m 244222
Gm 355333
E 022100

           G     D       Em7
Hippy girl
                    G     D       Em7
please don't change a thing
G     D       Em7
Change isn't everything
C                 D                       G
And dreaming is something hippy girl

D                                               G
There's a curse in this world that money brings
D                                       G
And a big idea that fame is everything
D                                      G
You're far and away now, richer than kings and queens
D                                   A                   D
You know love and you give everyone

Hippy girl
Please don't change a thing
Wear your hat girl and your friendship rings
Hippy girl
You look ahead now
Not at fashions whims - hippy girl

You're from a different planet
That must be tough to leave
The planet of mercy
The planet of make-believe
One day I took you
To a castle so high
We got through the bridge
You said this is the happiest day
Of my life

Hippy girl please don't change a thing
Change isn't everything
And dreaming is something hippy girl

I'm away with your
I'm away and your
Gm                         D
I'm away to your world

I'm away with your
I'm away in your
I'm away to your world

Instrumental break - A    E     D   x 3     D     E

           A    E    D
Hippy girl
               A    E    D            
jump on into the pool
       A     E     D                 D           E
Don't let anyone tell you you need  rules

I'll  smoke your pipe
Of peace outside your tent
We'll watch the smoke rings go

D             E             A
Up in the wind hippy girl
D           E             A
Up and into the wind hippy girl