I Am Born
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

D xx0232
G 320033

Note - You have to tune down a little to match the recording!

D                          G
All the people in all the world
D                                     G
Will look for something that will keep it turning
D                           G
Everyoneís got to keep the will
D                      G
Every boy and every girl

Iím no different why the other day
I saw death like an ocean that could wash us away
The only comfort that I got was this
I once was unlovely now Iím kissed

I am born
Aliver than the raging sea
Stranger than the strangest beasts
That ever could be

After midnight and the night is black
You lie awake and the fear comes back
That your breath will stop
And this world will carry on

I am born
Once there was nothing here
Not even the smell of fear
Nothing at all

Until you are born
Gasping out in the open air
Taking hold of the atmosphere
And loving being born