I Will See You Tomorrow
Words And Music By Ricky Ross And James Prime


9 11 11 10 9 9




X 9 11 11 11 9

(C#  &   F#)
Outside the world the wind is howling
Through the broken trees
And the moon is shining as the river meets the sea

C#                        B
And I will see you tomorrow
C#                        B
Calm and bright in tender light
C#                          B
And my heart will be racing
C#                         B
Like your wakening eyes

Inside my room the curtain`s blowing
And our bed it lies unmade
But the morning will be broken
By the loving words you say


B                                                                               C#
Though you`re far still your heart sounds loud beating time with me
B                                                           C#
Through the day the only grace I get is I want to be you

C#                               B         C#                             B
In the world time were rushing Like the cool evening breeze
 C#                  B         C#                       F#
But my soul is calm and I will see you presently