Let Your Hearts Be Troubled
Words And Music By William Mcallvaney & Ricky Ross

Transcribed By Ian Peters

This is essentially a Ricky Ross keyboard/vocal song with an orchestral arrangement. The keyboards are unmistakenly Ricky Ross and not James Prime. As this is not a guitar-song some experimentation will be required to get the right feel, such as plucking broken chords as though playing the piano.

Eb                         Bb
Let your hearts be troubled
Sleep not too soft

Eb                                          Bb (single strike before next line)
No your griefs have friends
           Eb             Bb
Be still let go your anger
Ab                           Eb
The day will soon be here again
Eb                           Ab                Db
Tomorrow may take longer

Once upon a time a palace there was
Ab                Db
And it was in winter
Ab                    Db
Oh the dark was bitter
Ab                                      Db
Men came that day to see a prince
To ask him for some sunlight
Well the prince called his choice soldiers out
Ab                      Db
Can’t you hear the guns
Ab                Db
See men falling low
Ab                                             Db
Their eyes like tunnels where they fell
Ab                                       Bb
Through those tunnels we must go

(chorus repeat)

(then chords as verse, at least they seem to work as this part is orchestrated)

Three men, Gordon, Budowski and Pitoku
Wanted to meet but what could they do
For Japan, Jamaica and Poland you see
Are far, far apart way over the sea
So here’s what they did, they got themselves dead
One by gun, one by rope, one by losing his head
And that’s how they met
But wasn’t that silly
We learn from this that freedom is folly

(chorus repeat and orchestrated play-out)

Well that’s it, easy enough to play really. If you feel up to it, try a blues-based lead break in Eb (11th fret-ish) to fill in at the end