London Comes Alive
Words And Music By Ricky Ross & Mick Slaven

C X32010
G 320033
Cadd9 030033
Am X02210
F X33210
Em 022000
E7 020100

Intro Cadd9   G   Cadd9    G

I was midnight walking 
And daytime talking
Am                    F                Em            G
You can see the best in me I know
I got distracted
You were broken hearted
Am                     F                          Em          G
But I still tried to follow where youíd go

                 F                        C                
And every time you wish me peace
                F                        C
Or take a joke with perfect ease
                 F                    C
Or hear my doubts with sympathy
             E7                   F             G
Itís like London comes alive

We both know the river
Gets stronger and longer
And crossing itís the hardest thing to plan
You took us together
Sister and brother
And brought us safe ashore
where we now stand

And even if youíd one regret
It couldnít spoil the best thing yet
Some special days our eyes have met
And itís like when London cameo alive
Itís such a surprise

Instrumental break     C           Am F  Em  G    F  C   F   C   E7

                    F               C
Any time you want, just say
                        F              C
Phone me up and Iíll he there
                       F                C      E7
What you need to hear Iíll say

                                  F          C
Cause every time you wish me peace
                               F          C
Or take a joke with perfect ease
                                  F             C
I know youíre down on bended knee
E7                                        F
Trying to make everything all right
                  Cadd9              G             Cadd9     G      Cadd9    G...............
Like when London comes alive