Plastic Shoes
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

Capo 2nd Fret
Em 022000
Em6+9th 044000
D XX0232
G 320033
A X02220
Asus X02200
A7sus4 X02230


    D Dsus4   ?    D                     Em                 D


Em       Em6+9th             D
Plastic shoes ..........empty in the hall
                              Em    Em6+9th      D
Well, I gathered the news that......'d gone after all
                   Em    Em6+9th            G                A
Whats left is this: ................and from what I can recall
                                 Em         Em6+9th         G                 A   Asus   A   A7sus4   A   Asus
Theres something I've missed................... and I have seen it all

You caught me drawn in the bathroom mirror
         G                            D
And said I looked a little older
Walking along on a beach at dawn
                 G                   D
With your head upon my shoulder

(Same as verse 1)
In your plastic shoes
Broken and used on me
And what have we been through?
Are you watching alone
The same film I'm tuned to?
Do you still cry
When the doctor gives her the news?

Theres a big black bag of belts and hats
You wore to other weddings
A broken chain and a picture frame
That once held us together
I put out these shoes that I helped you choose
And I bolted all the doors
So they won't walk back........

Intro repeat x 2

( Em   Em6+9th    G      A      x4)
Those plastic shoes
Oh you looked so good
That was all you wore
When I really understood
Some things need summer weather
Others want the dark
Some things work well together
But still keep falling apart

Outro -  A  Asus   A   A7sus4   A   Asus

Intro Repeat