Words And Music By Ricky Ross

Gm 355333
Am 577555
C 8 10 10 9 8 8
Bb 688766
Dm X57765





Intro Riff -

2nd B-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------10----
3rd G-----------------------10---------------------------12----------------------------------

4th D-12-12--10-h-12-------------12-12--10-h-12------------12-12--10-h-12-------------

2nd B--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10---------------------13--11--10------
3rd G------------------------12-----------------------------10-----------------------------12-----------------------------------------10--12-------------------

4th D-12-12--10-h-12---------------12-12--10-h-12-------------12-12--10-h-12-----------------12-12--10-h-12---------------------------------------------

Intro Chords - Gm      Am     Bb      C

Gm                                                     Am
Offered her a roof the rain had made it shine
Gm                                                 Am
Offered her a song that wasn`t really mine

C                                 Bb                            Am                                         Gm
      I showed her all my things she offered me belongings she thought I was a ragman

Gm                                                            Am
She offered me possessions I tied them in a knot
Gm                                                 Am
Wrapped it in a note I kept it in my pocket

C                                   Bb                             Am                                        Gm
        I showed her all my things she offered me belongings she thought I was a ragman
C                                Bb                                     Am                                      Gm
        I came to her too soon she should have had a ragdoll and wound up with a ragman

 Instrumental Break  - Gm      Am         Bb       C

Am    Bb         Am  Bb                              Dm     
                     Wings and kites and wedding rings                  
Am    Bb         Am   Bb                            Dm
                      All these charms I said I`d bring

C                                  Bb                            Am                                          Gm
       I showed her all my things she offered me belongings, she thought I was a ragman
C                          Bb                       Am                                Gm
       Baby you`re a rich man lost in a small world, looking for a ragdoll
Am                                   Bb                  Dm
Wound up with a ragman, with a ragman, ragman