Words And Music By Ricky Ross

      Riff  1                         Riff 2                         Riff 3                 Riff 4
G--------5--------         G--------5---5-----      G--------5--------    e---0-1-0---  
D-5-h-7---7-8----         D-5-h-7---7-----          D-5-h-7---7-7-8-

Intro - Riffs = 1   2   x4

Down in the streets they`re walking and kissing
All he sees is the lights in her her eyes
She feels his hands and smells his warm breath
 Looking up all she sees is the night sky

Riffs = 1   2  x2

He saw her standing there alone
She saw him walking the whole town behind him
He loved to whisper gently to her
She heard the whole world shouting and screaming

Riffs =               4                                     4 
Oh since first we met my dark sweet silhouette
Oh nothing nothing you forget
In your heart my dark my dark sweet silhouette

Riffs =  1    2    3    2 

He told her everything he wanted her to know
She showed him the big picture
He gave her beads and clothes and promises
She gave him golden strings and things that don`t break down


All she sees are the stars in the night sky
Looking down all he sees are the street lights in her eye


Riffs =   1    2    1    2    3    2    3    2