Still In The Mood
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

G 320033
C X32010
A X02220
D XX0232

Riff 1                                                Riff 2    

"Anything Less Than Sure"            "They were still in the mood"

Intro - G  C  G

G                        C          G     (Chords continue simile)            
By the light of the waning moon ,
Under a blueblack sky
They talked the slow way home
Of years passed closely by
They caught only a casual look
From strangers with things to do
Only a loveless heart
Could feel anything less than sure

                         C      G               C      G
That they`re still in the mood , Still in the mood
G             C          G          
After the time has passed
G               C          G  
They were still in the mood

You`d take the chimes of midnight ,To be the drum of your heart`s desire
And you`d change all you`re golden rings ,For one time on the wheel of fire
So take off your shabby coat ,Let all the leaves fall down
Leave this stuff till morning ,And then come gently round

To be still in the mood
Still in the mood
When the sun has come up
We`ll be still in the mood

Harmonica solo - A    D    A   x4

            D          A           D          A 
We`re still in the mood ,Still in the mood
A            D          A
After the time has passed
A          D           A  
We are still in the mood

Outro - G   C   G