The Very Thing
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

G 320033
F 133211
C x32010
Am x02210

Here is the piano riff transcibed for guitar.

Intro - G   F   C   Am   G

F             C               G
One day all of us will work
F                                 C                       G
We`ll stand outside this orchard and we`ll talk
F               C            G
When all is said all is done

F                  C                  G
We`ll still be thinking about home

G                   F                        C              F
They say that love might be the very thing If only it could be
G                  F                         C
And making love is more than anything
            F                       G                F                  G                 F
And all these things like buildings and faces,And memories,And places

Don`t count for anything


I`ll gladly draw the lines of duty
Watching summer turn to gold
She`s not content with responsibility
She wants to have and then to hold



Instrumental Break
- G     F     C    F       G    F    C    F


One day all of us will work
One day all of us will work
One day all of us will work