The Way To Work
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

Capo 2nd fret

G 320033
G/B X20033
C5 X30033
A X000XX
D XX000X
Em 022000
C X32010
C/B X20010
G/F# 200033


G               G/B  A G/B   C5   D    C5     G/B  G
2-----22-2---2----0---2-----3--- ------3---3---2---2--------

G                        G/B  A G/B   C5   D    C5  G/B  G
I don't want to have to want you ......taunt you or haunt you
I don't want risk you  just to kiss you  then miss you
C                                G
I don't want to have to leave you home
C                       G       G/F#    Em  C    Em   C        C/B
I don't want to spend the night alone.............oooh

C                           G
But I'll keep myself hanging on
C                                       G                 G/F#
The songs you played as the night went on
Em      C         G
On the way to work

I don't want to have to wake you
Break you and not take you
I don't want to be the wrong man
The last man or your romance

I want to take you in the car
And all these streetlights
To be our stars

And all the songs on the radio
Could be playing just for you
On the way to work

Lowly men and working boys
Painted girls on buses
Full of heat and noise

Just to be like one of them
But we're so far gone it's not the same
Lets pretend just the same
That we're  on the way to work
We're on the way to work

I want to be like one of them
I want to be like one of them