The Wildness
Words And Music By Ricky Ross & James Prime

E 022100
Aadd9 077500
C#m 9 11 11 9 9 9
Bm 799777
E* X79997
A* 577655
A X02220


Here's the  Bass riff

Intro - E    Add9

E                          Add9            E                     Add9
Oh the rush hour is over ,And the night has been trying
E                          Add9                           C#m         Bm     E*
To drive us and chase us away ,But we`re lovely and drunk now
              C#m              Bm         E*
And our laugh dosen`t ,Rattle or fray
            C#m    Bm          A*
And the friday folk ,Are coming round
            E*                          E       Aadd9
Let the wildness ,Have its way

Oh sweet autumn ,With your dark surprise
And your short days all smudged with gold
You covered up ,Worn paths for us
So no story could be told
And sent the dark ,Come tumbling down
So the wildness ,Can`t grow cold
So the morning ,Would never know

           E     Add9         E        A         E    Add9             E    Add9
Of the wildness ,Of the wildness ,Driving me on again
          E     Add9          E        A         E    Add9             E    Add9
Of the wildness ,Of the wildness ,Shaking me letting me know

There were two of us driving ,We were six miles out
And a ,Hundred miles to go
Still the morning lies waiting
And the light falls ,On your travel map
I`m still here hoping ,For the wildness ,To relax
For the wildness ,To go back


(For this whole part play E* rhythmically with left hand muting)
I went up to your house one night
I took 59 in the rain
And I saw your tiny face shine
So calm and so bright and so gay
I called in ,I called out
I couldn`t see any other name
C#m   Bm            A*
I         woke one morning
              A*                 E*
With the wildness once again
             A*                  E*
With the wildness shining in