The World Is Lit By Lightning
Words And Music By Ricky Ross & James Prime

Fm 133111
Gm 355333
G# 466544
Bb 688766
Eb x79987
C# x46664
D# x68886
Fm* x 8 10 10 9 8

Intro - Fm        Gm        G#      Bb

                          Fm        Gm        G#      Bb
So maybe you`re standing in some foreign town
                          Fm        Gm        G#      Bb
You`ve walked for miles till the heat slows you down
                                  Fm        Gm        G#      Bb
And your jeans and your curls are bleached and split
                                   Fm        Gm        G#      Bb      
And your money and your anger are all used up

Maybe I`m sorry about the light in this place
Makes my heart seem cold as the words on these pages
Maybe I`m reminded by a shop window displays or a decoration
Like some church candle that might just burn might just burn

                      C#                 D#                          Fm
`Cause we`re dancing under chandeliers ,And I`m telling you
                     C#                    D#                   Fm
Caught in the headlights ,And I`m yelling it at you
               C#                 D#                 Fm
Why is it girl ,When the world is lit by lightning
                 C#              D#              Fm
That I keep telling you ,That I love you

So you`re ten miles out of this city at night
When do coloured lights become paint and glass and dust
And how I wonder what light to trust
The light of the distance or the light might just burn might just burn


Seraphim and Cherubim
Skies full of gold dust
Moonshine and starlight
Pockets full of rainbows
Windows and mirrored balls
Porcelain and silverlake
Dance hall neons flash and swing
Blow out your candles

It will call you Angel
When the world knows your name