This Train Will Take You Anywhere
Words And Music By Ricky Ross & Mick Slaven

Em 022000
G 320033
A X02220
C X32010
F X33211

Intro/verse riff

Em                             G   Em                                           G
Down by the beach road, Crawling through the undergrowth
Em                       G  Em               G
Stand by the railing, And look along
Em                                 G  Em                  G
Put your ear to the ground, Listen for a while
Em                          G  Em                        G
Till all the tracks start, Humming and buzzing
Then the roar comes, And it's louder than the drums
Cause it's tons and tons and tons, Of steel going  faster

Now maybe I'm on the bridge, And near the very edge
And I'm waiting for the train, To pass under
It's got fifteen carriages, Each one saying what it is
This is bigger than anything, That'll ever go past you
It drowns out what you say, And it blows the dust away
And it makes it's own way, We can't stop it

C             G                           F
This train.......... will take you anywhere
C             G                           F
This train.......... will take you anywhere

I'm on the border, Berlin to Warsaw
I can't tell the things I saw, You'd see them anyway
It's the same where you go, Hanol to Bangalore
From Belize to Bogato, You can ride on
Get on at the platform, Keep your eyes on the land
And see the colours all change, And the world all open

This train will take you anywhere
And you can see anything
You can sleep or you can imagine
C             G                        Em 
This train......... will take you

Em    G    Em   G    Em
                               Where do you want to go


C     G     F  (repeat until fade)