Threatening Rain
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

F xx3211
C x32010
Bb x13331
Dm zz0231
A7 x02020
D xx0232


Intro - F  C  B x2 (Play single notes not chords) then play verse chords F C Bb F x2

D-3-----------2-----------3-3---3----    You can pick the verse like this

F                C            Bb               F
I could be the lover you want me to be
F                C            Bb               F
I could be the queen of the Northern sea
F                C            Bb               F
Make you all the money you'd ever need
F                C            Bb               F
Drive you in car that could take you far

So that I could do without you

Tomorrow they say it's the end of the world
So go out and find some other girl
Who knows? These things can sometimes work
You might be surprised I don't feel hurt

Or that I could do without you

    F                       Dm
They say the sea is high
  C                        Bb
And the clouds are darkening the skies
   A7                                      D                 Bb       C
I've been out today and all I've found is threatening rain

Instrumental break - F   C   Bb   F  x2

So do we go out now and tell the folks
Or is it time for unfunny jokes
When you know love, you know the most
And what you hide  is long time lost

And I can do without you
I can do without you