We Shall Overcome The Whole Wide World
Words And Music By Ricky Ross


E 022100
A X02220
Am X02210
Em 022000
D XX0232
C X32010
B7 X21202
G 320001
C#m X46654
F# 244322









E                   A                             E
We shall overcome the whole wide world
E                   A                            E
Anything that blunts or wounds or scars
      Am              E
The evil king the common thief
      Em                          D                        E
The weapons chains and names will cease forever
            Am           E
For the general the gentle heart
            C            D                     B7
For the oligarch a life of love and service

E                            A                     E
We shall change the way all people think
E                           A                        E
And people will be all that we believe in
      Am                     E
And all the good and all the gold
      G                       D                           B7
And every book and story told will set us free

And step by step we'll climb the hill
We'll scramble to the top until
We reach the very place
For where we see the sky
       A                                        B7
And everything below is just our world to change

E                 A                      E
We can overcome this raging sea
E                          A                       E
Don't we have the rain the wind the sun for free?
        Am                        E
The clouds the snow the moon the stars
       G                      D               E
Are nothing if they're not all ours eternally
      Am                    E
The morning light the sky ablaze
       G                       D              B7
The birds song gently shaking us awake

And blow by blow and street by street
We'll march and chant and sing and sleep
To change the rules we cannot keep
Which no one else could believe
This whole wide world
Would ever change
Except you and me