When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

G6 320000
D/F# 200232
Am7 X02010
Bm/D XX0432
G 320003
D 000232
Bm7 X24432
C 032010
Cm X35543
Eb/F 333343

INTRO - G6     D/F#    Am7    Bm/D


G                     D                              Am7                                  D
Pale blue eyes same old house no ties,A little bit older but not so worldly wise

G                     D                             Am7            D
That I can`t see your light`s on me,Making me regretfully say

      Am7                        D             Am7                            D           Am7     D
The wonder of it all was you,And underneath it all It wasn`t true



G                    Bm7                C             Cm        Eb/F    D
I want you,In everything,In everything,In anything    I       do
G                    Bm7                                           C                       Cm           Eb/F         D
When will you,Make my phone ring,And tell me I can`t give you anything ,Anything at all now


Chords As Verse 1

Tiny steps from ruthless legs,But you`ve been walking so long now don`t you rest
From disharmony,From disunity,From anything that isn`t you and me
The wonder of it all,Was you,And underneath it all,It wasn`t true

Chorus Repeat

BRIDGE  G6     D/F#    Am7    Bm/D

G6                                       D/F#
Tired of chasing old dreams,Tired of wasting days
Am7                                 Bm/D
Tired of waking mornings,Just to wait for you till late
G6                               D/F#
Tired of searching high,Tired of getting low
Am7                           Bm/D
Tired of listening hard,Just to wait for you to know that

Chorus Chords Repeat Til Fade.