Your Swaying Arms
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

E X79997
Esus4 X 7 9 9 10 7
F#m7 X 9 11 9 10 9
B 799877
A 577655

This is best played with a clean sound electric guitar This is the Bass Riff


E                       Esus4      E   

(E    Esus4   E as above)
Send me back all the thing she ever wrote
Tell me secrets of her days when she was young
Show me nights when she laughed so innocent
B                                             (E    Esus4   E )   

I`ll be happy waiting till they come

Love the people that she smiled upon
Walk with me in streets where she once stood
Say if it could be that we once passed like strangers
B                                             E
Long before the love we ever new

F#m7                                       E 
`Cause I`ve been longing for a new world waiting
F#m7                             E
I`ve been hoping to be sent
F#m7                                  E
I`ve been picking up all the love we squandered
              A                       B                 E
Until you hold me in your swaying arms again

One day I can see us walking arm and arm in sheltered Kelvin way
Talking and tripping and teasing and heading for the best part of the day

When your head falls softly on my pillow no fear will make you cry or turn you grey
And we will wake so early in the morning knowing you`ll never ,Never go away


A                           B                 E
Hold me in your swaying arms again
A                                     B                E         (E  Esus4  E ad lib til fade)
Until you press me in your loving arms again