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13th July 2023


Deacon Blue Books

'When The World Knows Your Name' Songbook

ISBN : 0.7119.1956.9

Publisher : Wise Publications

Order Number : AM76456

Year of publication : 1989

Full album transcribed for guitar and piano, with lyrics and chord boxes.

'Our Town' Songbook

ISBN : 0-7119-4284-6

Publisher : Wise Publications

Order Number : AM92151

Year of publication : 1994

Full album transcribed for guitar and piano, with lyrics and chord boxes.

Just What I Feel

ISBN : ISBN 0-283-06247-9

Publisher : Sidgwick and Jackson 

Year of publicaton : 1995

Author : Dave Bowler & Bryan Dray

Unofficial biography, largely compiled from old magazine and newspaper articles. With pictures and discography.

The Lyrics Of Ricky Ross

ISBN : 978-0-9570257-4-5

Publisher : The Lyric Book Company

Year of publication : 2012

113 Lyrics spanning from Ricky Ross's pre Deacon Blue solo album "So Long Ago" 1984 through to "The Hipsters" 2012. The book does not contain lyrics for every song between that period, but the vast majority are featured including all album tracks.

To Be Here Someday

ISBN : 978-1-9196165-0-6

Publisher : This Day In Music Books

Year of publication : 2021

Excellent biography compiled and edited by Paul English long time friend of the band. Features extensive interviews with band members, crew, management, friends and fans.

The book was released as a standard hardback or deluxe boxset edition with several items of memorabilia. It was later repackaged with additional pages.

For further information and to order your copy visit This Day In Music 

Walking Back Home - Deacon Blue & Me

ISBN : 978-1-4722-8927-8

Publisher : Headline Publishing Group

Year of publication : 2022

Ricky's own memoir detailing his early life, friends, family and Deacon Blue. Ricky completed an extensive book tour promoting this release. The book is also available as an audio book narrated by Ricky himself.