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21st November 2018


A few months ago our dear friend Steve Edwards over at www.circuslights.com was given the arduous but prestigious task of creating an official archive of Deacon Blue & Ricky Ross recordings. 

Over the years Ricky and the band had accumulated countless cassette tapes, CD's, DAT tapes, Reels, Video cassettes, Mini discs and any other format you can think of. From concerts, radio sessions, sound checks, rehearsals and studio sessions. The material was never properly archived and most of it had not been heard for decades. Over several months Steve painstakingly archived the these valuable recordings.

With permission from the Ricky and Deacon Blue these recordings are now being shared over at Circus Lights. Steve has set up a new page with information regarding all the latest updates here http://www.circuslights.com/recentMP3.htm

The material will include recordings spanning the entire history of Deacon Blue and Ricky Ross's 30+ year career. Not only will you find exclusive recordings of all your favourite hits, but you'll find early recordings, rare session tracks and even songs that never saw official release.

The archive will also open up the possibility of more retrospective commercial releases. This is an exciting time for all, don't miss it, visit today!!