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13th July 2023


Deacon Blue - Singles (2006)

01 Bigger Than Dynamite
02 Haunted
03 The One About Loneliness

The other 16 tracks can be found on their respective albums.

Bigger Than Dynamite

Bigger than a ball of fire
Wider than the western sky
Thats the way that you described
The height and depth of our desire
Bigger than the night
That got me into this
We’re still confused, oh yeah

But when we get it
Its gonna be bigger than dynamite
Brighter than the Brooklyn Bridge at night
Higher than that spinning satellite
That tracks our every move

Longer than a five day march
Tougher than the marble arch
More deadly than a poisoned dart
Madder than the queen of hearts
Though love is hard
We’re gonna break it some day
See our reward, oh yeah

Don’t tell me love is strong
Dont tell me love is strange
I still got blood on my hands
From trying to put my heart back from where it came


I want you to know
That I love you still
I want you to know
That I’d miss you girl
I want you to know
Even though you're outside my world
But I can’t let you go

Do you forget
How I remember
Everything that we did

You leave me haunted
By your love

In the dead of the night
I can't know where you are
I still have your scent
On my coat, in my car
Is that just the wind
Or your voice in the dark
And I still hear you go

Do you shiver
Do you know
Its not winter
Are you cold

You cant take me back In your arms any more
I cant go back to your arms any more

The One About Loneliness

About the ones who never call
About the call you never make
About the makes you always spoke of
No that's just a joke
About the tape you never sent
About the scent you never wore
About the war you never fought
And how I got caught

This is the one about loneliness
Can I take it home and play it back to all my friends?
And we'll listen and think
And hold our lovers and drinks in our hands

About the records they all played
About the plays they never watched
About the watches they all wore
How I never saw
About the breaking of the heart
About the heart that made the stars
About the stars they chased and chased
Where I still go

Sing me the one about loneliness...

I love the one about loneliness
Can I take it home and play it back to all my friends?
And we’ll listen and think
And hold our lovers and drinks
Don't you know what only time brings
Cause We’re getting old