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7th March 2020


Articles 2003 - 2008


Deacon Blue Scoop Academy Award - Sunday Mail 2nd February 2003

Hanging On The Telephone - The Daily Record 15th March 2003

Falling To Earth - Sunday Herald 16th March 2003

Last Night's First Night - The Scotsman 27th March 2003

Music Venue In Tune With City - BBC News 27th March 2003

Deacon Blue, Carling Academy Glasgow - The Herald 27th March 2003

Opening Night Review - Evening Times 27th March 2003

Deacon Blue, Carling Academy Glasgow -The Times 28th March 2003

Blue Beginning - Sunday Herald 30th March 2003

Old Favourites Who Can Still Raise The Roof - The Times 30th March 2003

In A Class Of His Own - Sunday Mail 30th March 2003

Ricky Solo Mission To The States - The Daily Record 6th September 2003

As The Bishop Said To The Pop Star - The Scotsman 25th September 2003

Ricky Keeps The Faith - The Scotsman 29th September 2003

Why I Won't Let My Kids Watch Soaps - The Daily Record 11th November 2003

Ricky's Flower Power - The Daily Record 15th November 2003

Cold Comfort - The Press & Journal 30th December 2003

Fans Brave Winter Weather For Another Deacon Blue Reunion Performance - The Press & Journal 30th December 2003


Realgone Gig - The Daily Record 2nd January 2004

They're Singing In The Rain - The Herald 2nd January 2004

Carling Academy Glasgow 30/12/03 - The Sunday Mail 4th January 2004

50k Wages Day - The Sunday Mail 28th March 2004

Helping Give Back A Little Dignity - The Daily Record 27th May 2004

I Couldn't Ask For More - Sunday Post June 2004

Graeme Kelling Loses Cancer Battle - Numerous Publications 12th June 2004

Keeping Their Dignity Intact - The Daily Record 18th December 2004

Ricky Wants A Less Arctic Hogmanay - Aberdeen Evening Express 24th December 2004


Glasgow Carling Academy - The Scotsman 1st January 2005

Scots Touching Tribute To Lost Pal In Sizzling Set Of Classics - Sunday Mail 9th January 2005

Sit Down And Listen To A Master Songwriter - The Evening Times 12th January 2005

Celtic Connections - The Herald 31st January 2005

Glasgow Cathedral 29/01/05 - The Daily Record 4th February 2005

Ricky's Loss - The Daily Record 23rd April 2005

All You Can Do Is Live Every Day As If It's Your Last - The Evening Times 25th April 2005

Up Close And Very Personal - The Herald 28th April 2005

Deacon Blue Star For Belfast - Belfast Telegraph 2005

On The Phone With : Ricky Ross - The Daily Record 30th April 2005

Pale Rider : Ricky Ross - The Sunday Times 1st May 2005

Whistling A Happy Tune - The Scotsman 2nd May 2005


Breaking Out Again - The Scotsman 18th November 2006


True Blue - The Herald 19th May 2007

Deacon Blue Keep Their Dignity, Just - The Scotsman 12th November 2007

Uncool Rules As Years Roll Back - The Scotsman 12th November 2007

Why Everyone Loves 'Most Hated' Scottish Band - The Scotsman 9th November 2007