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6th March 2020


Cassette Tape Rarities

Promo's, Demo's and Special Releases

So Long Ago

GUM 008

Original release of Ricky Ross's debut album released by Sticky Music. Released on just 800 cassttes. These cassettes are now very rare indeed.

CBS Demo Tape

Very rare cassette featuring demo recordings of Just Like Boys, Dignity, The Very Thing, S.H.A.R.O.N., and Take The Saint's away. Comes in a plain card CBS branded sleeve with typed details.

An Introduction To Raintown

Promo cassette featuring spoken introductions to each song by Ricky Ross.


Full album promo in custom CBS sleeve. Ragman is mistakenly titled as Rag Man.

Raintown "4 From Raintown"


Rare Australian 4 track sampler for Raintown featuring "Dignity New Mix" "When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)" "Raintown" and "He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now".


BCT 40915

Gold stamped USA full album promo.

Raintown Excerpts

XPC 4011

Shrink wrapped to early issues of the Dignity 7" DEAC 1 this cassette features Dignity and Riches in full with short samples of When Will You... Loaded, Raintown, Love's Great Fears and The Very Thing.


Two track promo featuring 'Dignity' and 'Riches' in Sound Basement Studios card sleeve.


Full album promo in CBS studios sleeve.

Honey At The Core

Produced by an independent label in 1986 this very rare 15 track cassette features early demo's from some of Scotland's most promising bands. The Big Dish, Wet Wet Wet and The Painted Word get to show their talents alongside Deacon Blue's "Take The Saints Away".

When The World Knows Your Name Sampler

Four track cassette sampler with four tracks from When The World Knows Your Name in CBS sleeve.

When The World Knows Your Name

Full album UK promo, in promo sleeve with release date. The sleeve lacks the print from the side of the cassette.

When The World Knows Your Name

EN - 2902

Saudi Arabian Thomsun Original cassette, features the bonus tracks "Little Lincoln" and "Take Me To The Place" making this cassette a bit of a rarity.

Real Gone Kid

38T 68944

USA two track cassette with Real Gone Kid & Little Lincoln in unique angel card sleeve.

Wages Day

One track promo in CBS Studios sleeve featuring the 7" mix.

Wages Day

Two track promo in CBS Studios sleeve featuring the 7" and 12" versions of Wages Day.

Fergus Sings The Blues

Four track UK promo in CBS Studios sleeve including Fergus Sings The Blues, Long Window To Love, London A-Z and Back Here In Beanoland.

Love And Regret

One track promo in CBS Studios sleeve, featuring the 7" mix.

Ooh Las Vegas

Full UK promo in custom CBS studios sleeve.

Ooh Las Vegas

467242 4

Rare full album promo in shocking pink sleeve!, marked "For Your Ears Only".

5 Tracks (Ooh Las Vegas)

Titled as 'Deacon Blue 5 Tracks' this 5 track promo is for Ooh Las Vegas and comes in a CBS studio card sleeve.

Ooh Las Vegas

Saudi Arabian release on Thomsun Original label. Full album across two cassettes with additional track 'I'll Never Fall In Love Again'.

Fellow Hoodlums

Four track sampler promo for Fellow Hoodlums with nice picture card sleeve with the release date and catalog numbers for the album releases across it's 3 formats.

Fellow Hoodlums

Full album promo in with unique artwork and release date.

4 Tracks (Fellow Hoodlums)

Titled as 'Deacon Blue 4 Tracks' this is a four track promo for Fellow Hoodlums. Typed track list in The Hit Factory studios sleeve.

Cover From The Sky

657673 4

Four track cassette from Thailand featuring the four live tracks that appeared on the UK CD release.

Proud To Be An Arab
(The Final Hurdle Single)

Scarce two track cassette sold via the Dundee United fanzine The Final Hurdle.
Released in 1991 it features an exclusive studio recording of Ricky's Dundee Utd
tribute song 'Proud To Be An Arab'. Side two features a track called
'The Champions' by the band 'The Die Hards'. All proceeds from the cassette
were given to the local Tayside charity 'Caring For Kids'.

Whatever You Say, Say Nothing Sampler

Five track cassette sampler for Whatever You Say, Say Nothing in custom The Hit Factory studios card sleeve.

Whatever You Say, Say Nothing

Full UK promo in The Hit Factory studios sleeve, typed track list and different running order to the final release.

Whatever You Say, Say Nothing

ADC 53755

Full USA album promo in unique picture sleeve with a slightly different running order to the final release.

Hang Your Head

One track promo in The Hit Factory studios sleeve.

What You Are

Full album promo in Whitfield Recording Studios sleeve. This early promo is interesting as it has track two listed as "Across The Milkyway" this was the original title for the song "Icarus".

What You Are

Full album promo in card sleeve housed in a 4 x 6 inch card box with information sheet and 3 glossy photographs. A very nice collectors item.

New Recording

Full UK promo in CEC Management sleeve, very early copy released by Ricky's management company.

London Dominion 26th October 1988


20 Track live cassette recorded at London Dominion 26th October 1988. Released as a bonus album in the 2016 Believers boxset. The cassette also features "You Don't Understand" a rare and previously unreleased song performed live at Glasgow S.E.C.C. 9th December 1989.

Fergus Sings the Blues / Born Again
The Very Thing 

Love's Great Fears 

This Changing Light 

One Hundred Things 


Circus Lights 

Chocolate Girl 


Spencer Tracy 

Real Gone Kid 

Little Lincoln 

Wages Day 


Long Distance to Love 

When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)? 


Town to Be Blamed 


Love of You / Ain't That Good News 

Bonus track : You Don't Understand