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6th March 2020


CD Live & Special Releases

Live CD's

2 Meter Sessies Volume 1

Radio Records 474722

18 track various artist compilation of radio sessions recorded at the Vara studios in Holland. Deacon Blue recorded a session at the studios on the 28th January 1990. From that session Willin' a cover of an old Lowell George song was chosen to be track 13 on the CD.

At Closing Time

RPCD 1062

16 track CD bootleg released by Red Phantom Records. Recorded in Paris 1991 on the European leg of the Fellow Hoodlums tour. The recording originates from a digital audience recording and is of very good quality. This CD was manufactured in good numbers and can regularly be found at collectors fairs. The CD includes a nice colour booklet with several photographs and a picture CD.

On New Years Day

KTS 044

CD bootleg released by famous Italian bootleg company Kiss The Stone. 10 Track recording of Deacon Blue live from Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 31st December 1991. Stunning sound quality, nice artwork and a picture CD. Widely available at collectors fairs.

The Mix - 4

TCDM 9418

17 Track various artist BBC radio show, features a brief interview with Ricky Ross and 2 acoustic tracks exclusive to this CD Only Tender Love and In Germany Before The War. Very rare CD.

BBC Transcription - In Concert 599

TCD 0777

Very rare 13 track BBC Transcription CD. Recorded at Edinburgh Playhouse 22nd April 1994. It's likely there maybe an alternate version of this CD as the orignal 1994 radio broadcast featured "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" and "One Day I'll Go Walking" and omitted "Twist And Shout" and Bethlehems Gate". This CD is labelled as 1994 but this broadcast was only known to have broadcast several years later.

01. Will We Be Lovers
02. Raintown
03. Bound To Love
04. Fergus Sings The Blues
05. Your Swaying Arms
06. Real Gone Kid
07. He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now
08. Your Town
09. Twist And Shout
10. The Germans Are Out Today
11. Bethlehems Gate
12. Wages Day
13. Dignity

Tsunami Relief Scotland


3 CD Various artists, recorded at the Glasgow S.E.C.C. 19th February 2005. A charity show in aid of the Indonesian Tsunami disaster. Features live performances of Real Gone Kid, Wages Day and Dignity. The CD's were availabe to buy directly after the show or via mail order. The company has now ceased trading.

Concert Live Glasgow Promo

11 track promotional CD given away in the News Of The World to promote Concert Live's 2006 Deacon Blue shows. All tracks taken from the Glasgow shows.

Concert Live 2006

In 2006 Deacon Blue signed a deal with Concert Live to have 15 of their concerts recorded and then made available to buy directly after the show, or via mail order. Each concert comes as a 2 CD Digipack with exclusive artwork. The shows recorded were -

November 05th 2006 - Cambridge Corn Exchange
November 06th 2006 - Portsmouth Guildhall
November 09th 2006 - Sheffield City Hall
November 10th 2006 - Manchester Apollo
November 12th 2006 - Leicester De Montford Hall
November 13th 2006 - Bristol Colston Hall
November 15th 2006 - Brighton Centre
November 16th 2006 - Birmingham Symphony Hall
November 17th 2006 - Hammersmith Carling Apollo
November 20th 2006 - Dundee Caird Hall
November 21st 2006 - Aberdeen Music Hall
November 23rd 2006 - Edinburgh Usher Hall
November 24th 2006 - Glasgow Carling Academy
November 25th 2006 - Glasgow Carling Academy
November 26th 2006 - Liverpool Empire

Concert Live 2007

Once again Concert Live joined Deacon Blue on tour this time only recording 4 shows. Each show comes as a 2 CD Digipack with exclusive artwork. The shows recorded were -

November 05th 2007 - Cambridge Corn Exchange
November 09th 2007 - Glasgow carling Academy
November 22nd 2007 - Manchester Apollo
November 24th 2007 - Hammersmith Odeon

Cornbury Festival 2011


21 Track various artist compilation of the 2011 Cornbury Festival. Featuring Real Gone Kid.

Coca Cola Level 1 

Radio Concerts Week 18

Very rare radio transcription CD consisting of 4 live tracks from the Hammersmith Apollo 22nd April 1993. Plus a short interview. 

The tracks featured are - Your Town, Only Tender Love, Raintown and Fergus Sings The Blues.

Coca Cola Level 1

Radio Concerts Week 27

Very rare radio transcription CD consisting of 4 live tracks from the Hammersmith Apollo 22nd April 1993. Plus a short interview. 

The tracks featured are - Your Swaying Arms, Circus Lights, Twist And Shout and Peace And Jobs And Freedom.

Special Releases

The Tree And The Bird And The Fish And The Bell

CBS 467880 2

Various artists tribute album for the Scottish Italian photographer Oscar Marzaroli whose pictures graced the sleeves of Raintown, Dignity and more. Billed as 'Glasgow Songs By Glasgow Artists' Deacon Blue contributed 'Christmas And Glasgow' a track that they never released with any of their own records until their reformation back in 1999. The track was then released on the Walking Back Home album.

Dream Reality

CHFCD 1000

18 track various artist compilation released 16th June 1997 in aid of the Children 1st Charity in conjunction with the Daily Record. The Album contains tracks from all Scottish artists and features an exclusive recording by Ricky Ross. The track is a Buffalo Springfield song written by Neil Young called 'On The Way Home' The track was recorded as an extra track for the 'What You Are' album but never made it. The album is available on CD and Cassette.

Till The End : For The MST

PRCD 005

Released by Pipe Records, this 6 track EP was put together by singer songwriter Martyn Joseph in 2002 to raise funds for the work of MST in Brazil. Ricky Ross had been to Brazil to work with MST in 1998, and was approached by Martyn to donate a track to the project. Ricky donated 'I Just Want To Be Loved' a track recorded during the 'This Is The Life' sessions at Park Lane Studios Glasgow, the track is exclusive to this CD.

Arabest : Dundee Utd Songs


15 Track various artist compilation of Dundee Utd songs, featuring Proud To Be An Arab by Ricky Ross.

Park Lane Archives


22 Track various artists compilation of rare tracks from Glasgow's Park Lane Studios. The CD features a rare demo version recording of Ribbons And Bows.

Whatever Gets You Through The Night

16 track various artists, official soundtrack album for the multi-disciplinary live event Created by Cora Bissett with Swimmer One and David Greig. Features 'The North Star' by Ricky Ross, the track is exclusive to this CD. The album is available as a standard CD, limited edition book and cd or digital download.


11 track album given away as part of the "A New House" special edition LP and CD boxset release. All of the tracks are exclusive to this CD and features a mixture of demo recordings and previously unreleased recordings.

1. Bloom
2. That's What We Can Do (demo)
3. All Of This Or Nothing At All
4. Just Come Home Now
5. She'll Understand (demo)
6. Scent And Cigarettes
7. God Gives You Dreams
8. It'll End In Tears (demo)
9. Is There No Way Back To You (demo)
10. More People More
11. Just Fine


Brainchild of Scottish folk artist Robin Adams this 15 track charity compilation for the 2016 refugee crisis features the previously unrleased Ricky Ross song "Baby What's To Know". The track is exclusive to this compilation and is download only.

What We Left Out


27 track compilation of demo's and outtakes from the Believers recording sessions. Released as part of the 2016 Believes boxset. As well as excerpts and demo's of the released tracks it also features 4 unreleased tracks Sunshine State, Dusk (demo), Easter Saturday (demo) Snow Still On Cars (demo)

01. The Believers Piano Dictaphone (3/3/15)
02. The Believers ( First Logic Ruff)
03. The Believers (demo)
04. Sunshine State (chem 19 Version)
05. This Is A Love Song (dictaphone Snippet)
06. This Is A Love Song (work Tape)
07. This Is A Love Song (demo)
08. I will And I Won't (2 Note Interval Work Tape/ End
09. I will And I Won't (demo)
10. What I Left Out (demo)
11. Dusk (unreleased Demo)
12. Come Awake (full Demo Version)
13. Delivery Man (Nashville Hotel Room 28/3/16)
14. Delivery Man Work Tape First Draft
15. Delivery Man Demo
16. A boy (work Tape)
17. A boy (demo)
18. Easter Saturday (Demo - Piano Vox)
19. Snow Still On The Cars (demo)
20. Birds (work Tape, 'sailors In The Summer' 17/8/15)
21. Birds (over Barlinnie) 1st Demo September 15
22. Birds (demo)
23. You Can't Know Everything (london Dressing Room Snippet 18/11/15)
24. You Can't Know Everything ( Dictaphone Instrumental)
25. You Can't Know Everything (demo)
26. Meteors Work Tape (22/6/15)
27. Meteors Demo

Pasted Beyond Recognition - The Songs Of Del Amitri

21 track charity album in aid of Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland. Featuring various artists covering the songs of Del Amitri. Ricky Ross contributed a cover of the Del Amitri classic "Be My Downfall" for the album. The track is exclusive to the CD. Released in 2016.

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