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5th March 2021


Ricky Ross - Short Stories Vol 1

Ricky Ross is very happy to announce his new album, Short Stories Vol.1. The album, recorded over two days at Chameleon Studios in Hamburg with sumptuous strings and choir added back in Glasgow is an opportunity for Ricky to play news songs, to revisit some well-known Deacon Blue tracks and to record others from his career that have previously been very hard to find. In Ricky's own words "This album is like a souvenir of my solo shows, which are a very different beast to Deacon Blue live. They're intimate, minimal, a chance for me to revisit songs that started out life with just piano and vocals and take them back to their roots, as well as play some new songs inspired by recent times."

The album is available to pre-order now https://rickyross.tmstor.es/

Tracklisting & Tour Dates

1.I Thought I Saw You
3.I'm Supposed To Love You
4.At My Weakest Point
5.Wages Day
6.Goin' Back
7.A Gordon For Me
8.The Germans Are Out Today
9.I Was Right And You Were Wrong
10.Only God And Dogs
11.Siggy The Bully
12.The Kid At The Airport

Utrecht, Club Nine (NL) Utrecht, Club Nine (NL)
05.11.2017 05/11/2017
Berlin, Passionskirche (GER) Berlin, Passion Church (GER)
07.11.2017 07/11/2017
Hamburg, Imperial Theater (GER) Hamburg, Imperial Theater (GER)
09.11.2017 09/11/2017
Cheltenham, Pittville Pump Room (UK) Cheltenham, Pittville Pump Room (UK)
10.11.2017 11/10/2017
Bristol, St George's Hall (UK) Bristol, St George's Hall (UK)
12.11.2017 12/11/2017
Yeovil, Westlands (UK) Yeovil, Westlands (UK)
14.11.2017 14/11/2017
Dundee, Gardyne Theatre (UK) Dundee, Gardyne Theater (UK)
15.11.2017 15/11/2017
Aberdeen, Tivoli (UK) Aberdeen, Tivoli (UK)
16.11.2017 16/11/2017
Edinburgh, The Queens Hall (UK) Edinburgh, The Queens Hall (UK)
18.11.2017 18/11/2017
Dunfermline, Carnegie Hall (UK) Dunfermline, Carnegie Hall (UK)
19.11.2017 19/11/2017
Glasgow, St Luke's (UK) Glasgow, St Luke's (UK)
20.11.2017 20/11/2017
Glasgow, St Luke's (UK) Glasgow, St Luke's (UK)
24.11.2017 24/11/2017
Billericay, Emmanuel Church (UK) Billericay, Emmanuel Church (UK)
25.11.2017 25/11/2017
Milton Keynes, The Stables (UK) Milton Keynes, The Stables (UK)
26.11.2017 26/11/2017
Gateshead, The Sage (UK) Gateshead, The Sage (UK)
28.11.2017 28/11/2017
Sheffield, Memorial Hall (UK) Sheffield, Memorial Hall (UK)
29.11.2017 29/11/2017
London, Cadogan Hall (UK) London, Cadogan Hall (UK)
01.12.2017 01/12/2017
Liverpool, Capstone Theatre (UK) Liverpool, Capstone Theater (UK)
02.12.2017 02/12/2017
Buxton, Pavilion Arts Centre (UK) Buxton, Pavilion Arts Center (UK)
05.12.2017 05/12/2017
Dublin, Sugar Club (IRL) Dublin, Sugar Club (IRL)
06.12.2017 06/12/2017
Kilkenny, The Set (IRL) Kilkenny, The Set (IRL)
07.12.2017 07/12/2017
Belfast, Empire Music Hall (UK) Belfast, Empire Music Hall (UK)
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04/11/2017 Utrecht, Club Nine 
05/11/2017 Berlin, Passion Church
07/11/2017 Hamburg, Imperial Theater
09/11/2017 Cheltenham, Pittville Pump Room 
11/10/2017 Bristol, St George's Hall
12/11/2017 Yeovil, Westlands
14/11/2017 Dundee, Gardyne Theater
15/11/2017 Aberdeen, Tivoli
16/11/2017 Edinburgh, The Queens Hall
18/11/2017 Dunfermline, Carnegie Hall
19/11/2017 Glasgow, St Luke's
20/11/2017 Glasgow, St Luke's
24/11/2017 Billericay, Emmanuel Church
25/11/2017 Milton Keynes, The Stables
26/11/2017 Gateshead, The Sage
28/11/2017 Sheffield, Memorial Hall
29/11/2017 London, Cadogan Hall
01/12/2017 Liverpool, Capstone Theater
02/12/2017 Buxton, Pavilion Arts Center
05/12/2017 Dublin, Sugar Club
06/12/2017 Kilkenny, The Set 
07/12/2017 Belfast, Empire Music Hall


Limited Edition Bonus 7"

Pre orders from https://rickyross.tmstor.es/

Come with this exclusive limited edition bonus 7" single featuring 2 exclusive tracks.

1. Raintown (Choral Version)

2. A Soldiers Song