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6th March 2020


Ricky Ross Albums

So Long Ago

Catalog : Sticky Music GUM 8CD
Released : 1984 / Reissued on CD 1993
Chart Position : n/a
Weeks In Chart : n/a
Formats : CD,CASS

1.Something About Ireland
2.A Week In Politics
3.Checkout Girls
4.Don't Look Back
5.Little India
6.Surprised By Joy
7.Some People Last Winter
8.Vision On
9.I Love You Like A Son
10.The Germans Are Out Today

Written and produced by : Ricky Ross

Featuring : 
Keyboards Ricky Ross
Guitars Graeme Duffin, Craig Smillie, Malcolm Lindsay
Bass Stuart Duffin, Ewen Vernal
Drums Malcolm Duffin
Accordion  Zara Ross
Backing vocals Carol Moore, Steve Butler, Graeme Duffin and The First Kenmore and Walton Street Baptist Choir

Recorded : Glasgow 1983

What You Are

Catalog : Epic 483998
Released : 3rd June 1996
Chart Position : 36
Weeks In Chart : ??
Formats : CD, CASS

1.Good Evening Philadelphia
3.Cold Easter
4.What You Are
5.Radio On
6.When Sinners Fall
7.Jack Singer
8.The Lovers
9.Wake Up And Dream
10.Rosie Gordon Lies So Still
11.Promise You Rain
12.Love Isn't Hard It's Strong

Produced by : The Robb Brothers

Featuring :
Guitars Mick Slaven, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Dan Root Bass Mark Harris Drums/Percussion Scott Crago, Joey Waronker 

Cello Glen Grab Violin John Wittenberg, Xioa Wiu He
Viola Helen Wittenberg Chamberlin Patrick Warren
Backing Vocals Lorraine McIntosh, Hamish Richardson

Recorded at :  Cherokee Studios Los Angeles April - October 95

Tracks : 1,2,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12 Ricky Ross 
3,8, Ricky Ross & Mick Slaven

New Recording

Catalog : Internazionale inter 001
Released : 6th October 1997
Chart Position : n/a
Weeks In Chart : n/a
Formats : CD

1.My Only Tie
2.Blue Horse
3.The Further North You Go
4.The Undeveloped Heart
5.Cresswell Street
6.I Love You
7.Earth A Little Lighter
8.I'm Sure Buddy Would Know
9.Here's Singer
10.On The Line
11.Ash Wednesday

Produced by : Paul Mcgeechan and Ricky Ross

Featuring : 
Bass Brian Docherty
Strings/Cello Stephan Adam
Backing Vocals Lorraine Mcintosh

Recorded At : Secret Music Glasgow March - June 1997

Tracks :1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11 Ricky Ross
5, Lorraine McIntosh & Ricky Ross

This Is The Life

Catalog : BTFLYCD0021
Released : 8th April 2002
Chart Position : n/a
Weeks In Chart : n/a
Formats : CD

1.Northern Soul
2.London Comes Alive
3.Rodeo Boy
4.Angel & Mercedes
5.I Sing About You
6.Nothing Cures That
7.This Is The Life
8.Threatening Rain
9.Starring Love
10.Hippy Girl
11.My Girl Going To Town
12.Looking For My Own Lone Ranger
13.The Way To Work

Produced by : Ricky Ross & Kenny MacDonald with Davie Scott

Featuring : 
Guitar / Mandolin Mick Slaven

Guitar / Piano / Organ / Synth / Glockenspiel / Bass / Keyboards / Handclaps and Backing Vocals Davie Scott

Bass Scott Fraser
Drums Jim Gash
Handclaps Joe Smillie
Strings - Viola Jacqui Penfold, Violin Jo Sutherland & Alistair Savage, Cello Amanda Shearman
Brass - Baritone and Alto Sax Simon Clarke, Trumpet Roddy Lorimer Tenor Sax Tim Sanders, Trombone Anne Whitehead

Recorded At : Park Lane Glasgow 2000

Tracks : 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 Ricky Ross
1, 12 Ricky Ross & Charlie Dore
2, 4, 5, Ricky Ross & Mick Slaven
3, 11 Ricky Ross & Davie Scott

Pale Rider

Catalog : P3M013
Released : 29th March 2005
Chart Position : n/a
Weeks In Chart : n/a
Formats : CD

1. She Gets Me Inside
2. Boys Break The Things They Love The Most
3. If You've Got The Time It's Gonna Take
4. The Streets Are Covered In Snow
5. Soundtrack To The Summer
6. In This World
7. Pale Rider
8. Calvary
9. I Know It's Only Sunday
10. Kitchijoji
11. History
12. In The End

Trouble Came Looking

Catalog : ROSSCD001
Released : 8th April 2013
Chart Position : n/a
Weeks In Chart : n/a
Formats : CD

1. Trouble Came Looking
2. Now I Smoke, Like I Used To Pray
3. Any Drug Will Do
4. The Fear
5. How Will The Heart Survive
6. A Strange And Foreign Land
7. Sang O’ The Saracen Maid
8. We Shall Overcome The Whole Wide
9. Good Man
10. Nothing More Than Travelling Now
11. Taxi Drivers Ride The Lights
12. Holy Night

Recorded by : Gregor Philp

Featuring : Ricky Ross, vocals, guitar, harmonium, piano, harp

Gregor Philp, guitars, mandolin, banjo, vocals

Lewis Gordon, double bass

Recorded at : Ricky's place, Glasgow

Tracks : All tracks  by Ricky Ross except track 7 written by Ricky Ross & Craig Smillie

Short Stories Vol 1

Catalog : 0212156EMU
Released : 15th September 2017
Chart Position : n/a
Weeks In Chart : n/a
Formats : CD / LP

1. I Thought I Saw You
2. Raintown
3. I'm Supposed To Love You
4. At My Weakest Point
5. The Kid At The Airport
6. Goin' Back
7. A Gordon For Me
8. The Germans Are Out Today
9. I Was Right And You Were Wrong
10. Only God And Dogs
11. Siggy The Bully
12. Wages Day

Recorded by : Christoph Strepan (Hamburg) and Paul Savage (Glasgow)

Featuring : Ricky Ross, vocals, piano.

String arrangements : Pete Harvey
Strings : The Pumpkinseeds
Violin : Simon Graham, Kate Miguda
Viola : Asher Zaccardelli
Cello : Pete Harvey

Choir : Soul Nation featuring Chris Judge, Stefanie Lawrence, Madeleine Pritchard

Recorded at : Chameleon Studios, Hamburg and Chem 19, Blantyre

Tracks : All tracks written by Ricky Ross, except 6 Gerry Goffin, Carole King, 3 Ricky Ross and Amy Foster